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Applications of statistical methods in Measurement & Testing

Prof. Leslie Pendrill, born 1st October 1953 in London, UK


  • Quality Assured Measurement – Unification across Social and Physical Sciences, Author: Leslie R. Pendrill, Springer Series in Measurement Science and TechnologyISBN: 978-3-030-28695-8 (e-book), https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-28695-8 , Oct 2019, Google book (preview), Quotes
  • Measurement With Persons: Theory, Methods, and Implementation Areas Published: December 2011 ISBN: 978-1-84872-939-1 Publisher: Psychology Press. Edited by Birgitta Berglund, Giovanni B. Rossi, James T. Townsend and Leslie R. Pendrill. Series: Scientific Psychology Series


2016 – 2021 Board member: Swedish Physical Society

2016 –          Scientific advisory board member: Modus Outcomes LLC

2012 –  2021 Chair: ISO TC12 “Quantities & units”

2012 –          Board member: Section Physics & Society, Swedish Physical Society

2012 – 2016         Associate Editor NCSL International Measure Journal

2009 – 2012 Chair of European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET) which is implementing a 400 M€ Article 185 European Metrology Research Programme.

  • Pendrill L R 2010 “Measure for Measure”, Public Service Review: Science and Technology – Issue 6 European integration of national metrology research programmes
  • Pendrill L R 2010 “A Conversation with Leslie Pendrill: SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and EURAMET”, MEASURE, vol 5, 21 – 27

2004 – 2008 Adjunct Professor, University of Uppsala (Sweden)

2005 – 2008 Chair IUPAP Commission 2: SUNAMCO

2002 – 2005 Secretary IUPAP Commission 2: SUNAMCO

Broadcasts & Lectures_____________________________________________________________

June 2019 IRT or Rasch – What can and cannot be done, PM Health 2019, Kristianstad

September 2016 Reliability: Quality-assured measurement in Digital Health, DHD-16, Stockholm

November 2014 Temadag – Ångström 200 år Pendrill_Ångström_2014_141107

April 2014, Measuring People: From Elementary Counting to Better Healthcare, NIST Colloquium, http://www.nist.gov/public_affairs/colloquia/20140404.cfm

July 2012 Revista Española de Metrología http://www.e-medida.es/documentos/Numero-2/entrevista-a-Leslie-Pendrill (In Spanish)

10 Febrero 2012 RTVE.ES Spain http://www.rtve.es/podcast/radio-exterior/emision-en-ingles/ English language broadcast – Leslie Pendrill, the Chairperson of Euramet Descargar(download mp3, 19 MB)


B. Sc (Hons. 1st Class) Physics 1975


Ph. D. Physics at University of Reading (UK) 1978

  • Collisional Perturbation of Caesium Rydberg States“, L R Pendrill 1977, J Phys B: Atom Molec Phys 10. L469-L475. Large (micrometer) atoms colliding in a vapour as detected in multiexponential time-resolved fluorescence decay following tuneable dye laser excitation

Supervisor: Prof G W Series FRS


Laboratoire Spectroscopie Hertzienne, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris (France) 1979

Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, University of Colorado, Boulder (USA) 1980

Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford (UK) 1981

  • Observation of parity non-conserving optical rotation in atomic bismuth” P E G Baird, L R Pendrill, P G H Sandars, D N Stacey and J C Taylor 1981 Proceedings of the seventh Vavilov Conference, ed S G Rautian (Sibirian Branch, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Novosibirsk) Weak interaction revealed in low-energy, atomic physics through parity non-conservation (left-hand/right-hand asymmetry)

Chalmers University of Technology, Physics, Göteborg (Sweden) 1981 – 5


Head of Research of Measurement Division at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden since 1985.

Publications (selected)____________________________________

  • A compressible Fabry-Perot refractometer” M Andersson, L Eliasson, and L R Pendrill 1987 Applied Optics 26, 4835 – 4840 A decimeter-long interferometer compressed hundred nanometers by atmospheric pressure
  • Fundamental Metrology at SP” L R Pendrill 1990 in Proceedings of Symposium “Highlights in Metrology” Borås, Sweden, May 19, 1989 Phys. Scripta 41, 733 – 36 (1990) An early EUROMET symposium
  • Refractometry and gas density” L R Pendrill 2004 Metrologia – Special Issue ”Density Metrology”, 41, issue 2, pages S40 – S51 Review
  • L R Pendrill, R Emardson, B Berglund et al. 2010 “Measurement with Persons: A European Network”, NCSLi Measure, (June 2010) 42 – 55 Inter-disciplinary network of researchers in metrology, physiology, psychophysics, psychology, perception, cognition and sociology dealing with Measuring Man and Man as a Measurement Instrument
  • L R Pendrill 2010 “Optimised uncertainty and cost operating characteristics: new tools for conformity assessment. Application to geometrical product control in automobile industry”, Int. J. Metrol. Qual. Eng.1, 105 – 110, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/ijmqe/2010020


Applications of statistical methods in Measurement & Testing


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  1. I was a participant 2010 programme of quality infrastructure SIDA. You were the one stand out person I got to meet during the programme. I talk about you in my family, still. 2 years after the programme. Wish you all the best.

    • Good to hear from you and for your appreciation.
      I hope you enjoy this website – feel free to use it.
      Best regards
      Leslie P

  2. I was searching for measuring equipment capabilities and came across this website. I found that it is very usefull.
    Is there any specific publication that focus on measuring equipment capabilities?.

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