Three main questions:

  • What is (nano)metrology?
    • Metrology in the sense of quality-assured measurement, i.e. the two concepts – metrological traceability and measurement uncertainty – specifically at the nano-scale (1 nm – 100 nm).
  • Why is it important?
    • Much has been said about the predicted spectacular growth in nanotechnological production in the coming years: what is less well-known is that nanometrology has a key role in this promised growth.
  • What are the challenges to be met?
    • Nanotechnology presents a unique opportunity for proactive development of metrology and standards since the technology is still in its infancy.



“Introductory Guide to Nanometrology”, P-E Hansen, G Roebben, L R Pendrill et al. 2011, CO-NANOMET report, ISBN: 978‐0‐9566809‐1‐4,


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