Statistical process control, SPC

Statistical process control, SPCstatsoft

In a control diagram, the results of sampling at more or less regular intervals from a process of some kind are plotted. Often plots are made of both the mean value as well as some measure of scatter for the sampling tests, for example, variation width or standard deviation. In the diagram one also normally draws limits within which the results should lie if the process is behaving “normally”(under statistical control). Control diagrams have been developed originally in the monitoring of manufacturing processes but the technique is even applicable to measurement processes. The results for unknown test objects cannot however be used since they have different and unknown true values. One measures instead one or more special test objects (control objects).


SPC (“Statistical process control”)
  • Application of SPC
ISO CD11462
  • Control diagram
General introduction ISO 7870
Shewhart control diagram ISO 8258
Acceptance control diagram ISO 7966
Arithmetic mean value with warning limits ISO 7873
Cumulative sum diagram ISO DTR 7871

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