Modelling customer (dis-)satisfaction

Where product is valued by quality, there is a need to make appropriate models to describe how customer satisfaction varies with entity value, x.

Customer dissatisfaction cost
Customer dissatisfaction cost

A common model which aims to account for the fact that the more a product deviates from nominal, the less satisfied will be the customer, is due to Taguchi as expressed by his loss function:

Taguchi cost model
Taguchi cost model

where the consumer risk losses are zero when entity error, x, is zero, and equal to Cnp when entity error, x, is at either of the specification limits, USL or LSL.

  • Example: Vehicle panel closure conformity assessment & customer satisfaction [Pendrill 2010]



L R Pendrill 2010 “Optimised uncertainty and cost operating characteristics: new tools for conformity assessment. Application to geometrical product control in automobile industry”, Int. J. Metrol. Qual. Eng.1, 105 – 110, DOI:



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