Linearly-priced goods

Figure: Linearly-priced goods

Many categories of goods are simply priced linearly as a function of ‘quantity’, e.g:

Many of these are of sufficient societal impact that measurement is subject to legal metrological regulation.

  • Example: In a medium-sized country (e.g. Sweden) there are typically over 5 million vehicles each averaging 15600 km/year, each consuming typically 0.2 L/km. At a petrol price of 1.1€/L, the annual national cost of petrol consumption is then 20 G€! Legal metrological limits (MPE) on displayed error for petrol dispensers are typically ± 0.5%. A maximum permissible uncertainty (MPU) when testing a dispenser of (MPE/3) correspond to an annual national cost of about ± 33 M€. (Taxation at 25% of petrol transactions could cover the costs of a national legal metrology authority to regulate the sector.)



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