Conformity assessment: Product & process control

Quality and Statistics

One of the purposes of quality assurance systems, according to standard ISO 9000:

“… Primarily to prevent deviations from product requirements …”

Quality control of process capability and product characteristics can be expressed in quantitative or numerical terms by applying statistics [Chatfield 1983].

The accuracy of a measurement method can be used for statistical process control in two different situations:

Numerical quality management techniques

Some important applications of statistical methods in management of measurement quality are:

Acceptance Inspection of test results


Determination of limits [ISO 5725-6]

A repeatability limit, r, is the value of the absolute difference between two single test results  that can be expected obtained under repeatability conditions to be less than or equal to with a certain probability (usually 95%):

r = 2.8 sr

Reproducibility, R, is similarly defined for test results obtained under reproducibility conditions:

R = 2.8 sR



ISO 5725-6: 1994 Use in practice of accuracy values


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      1. From “Determination of limits”: r = 2.8 sr
        What is sr, please?
        Thank you

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