Why is nanometrology important?

Much has been said about the predicted spectacular growth in nanotechnological production in the coming years: what is less well-known is that nanometrology has a key role in this promised growth.

In order to sustain such growth in nanoproducts, a considerable investment in technological and manufacturing/business infrastructure is needed. The global race to invest in nanotechnology R&D is already creating many new products and processes, and both the research effort and the predicted market activity is conservatively forecast to be hundreds of milliards of Euros. This growing trade will generate the need for new standards and new quality-assured measurement resources and capabilities. While ‘risk’ is a prime mover in some areas of nanotechnology, many nanoproducts which are not dangerous rely on nanometrology to ensure general product quality and conformity compliance to facilitate trade and promote customer satisfaction and efficient production.




“Introductory Guide to Nanometrology”, P-E Hansen, G Roebben, L R Pendrill et al. 2011, CO-NANOMET report, ISBN: 978‐0‐9566809‐1‐4, http://www.euspen.eu/content/swf/euspen4/


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