Applications of statistical methods in measurement and testing

Summary (aims and scope)

Statistical methods and approaches can be applied in almost every step in the quality assurance of measurement process, from the initial definition of the measurement problem and demands on the measurement methods, through the development and application of measurements, to the presentation and interpretation of the measurement results. The present handbook is the result of a Nordic project (Nordtest 1371-97) with the aim of identifying and succintly describing statistical methods which can be of interest for measurement and testing laboratories, as well as exemplifying their application.

International standardisation in the measurement and testing area has undergone extensive development during recent years, partly as a result of demands for the certification of quality systems (according to ISO 9000 and ISO/IEC 17025, for example). International standardisation of statistical methods as applied in the measurement area takes place principally within ISO/TC 69 but also other ISO committees and standardisation bodies have tackled these problems. Where applicable standards exist, these are referred to in this handbook. Hopefully a continuous updating will take place.

The intention is also that this handbook can form a basis for educational courses in this area.

Based on:


Nordtest T417 Internet Handbook “Applications of statistical methods in Measurement & Testing”

Yngve Johan Arnesen Leslie Pendrill, Matz Sandström, Thomas Svensson Göran Nilsson, Hösträngsvägen 9, S-756 47 UPPSALA, Sweden

Further material:

1995 – 1999 “Measurement & Quality”, University College, Borås, Sweden

2004 – 2007 “The Art of Measurement – Metrology”, University of Uppsala, Sweden

2010 – 2013 “Measurement & Sensors”, Chalmers University of Technology

2014 –           “Measurement & Sensors”, Blekinge University College (in Swedish sveflagg ) with support of KKS Diagnos på distans.

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