7. Performance of measurements

7. Performance of measurements

Measurement, analysis and improvement

”… plan and implement those processes for monitoring, measurement, analysis ….which are needed to demonstrate that the product conforms to requirements…”

EN ISO 9001 Management system for Quality – Requirements §8


GPS – Presentation of measurement results


One can distinguish between:

  • once-off use of a method and
  • establishment and maintenance of a measurement process based on the method.

The latter case includes amongst others the following activities (with once-off use, usually only 7.1 and possibly 7.2 are applicable):

7.1. Calibration and metrological confirmation

Measurement process design

”… Performance characteristics … for intended use of measurement process shall be identified and quantified, …including:

–            measurement uncertainty

–            maximum permissible error”

EN ISO 10 012:2003 Measurement management systems – Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment §7.2.2

  • “Proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparisons” ISO Guide 43

7.2. Demonstration that a certain performance is fulfilled

Only those performances that the actual laboratory can potentially affect are considered, while for other demands the results of validation and verification

7.3. Internal control

Continuous control of the total functionning of the measurement method with the help of control test objects

7.4. External control

Participation in external control programmes in order to investigate performance in relation to that of other laboratories

7.5. Follow-up

Recurring analysis of control results in order to review measurement uncertainty assessments and to judge the need of and possibilities of improvement.

Processes of production &  measurement
Specification of measurement problem
Design of experiments
Specification of demands on a measurement system
Choice/development of a measurement method
Evaluation (validation) of a measurement method
Performing the measurements
Presentation of measurement results
Use of measurement results. Conformity assessment

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