5. Evaluation (validation) of a measurement method

5. Evaluation (validation) of a measurement method or measurement laboratory

A fundamental investigation of a method or a laboratory in order to establish performance concerning accuracy. The evaluation can include an assessment of whether the measurement method or laboratory has the potential to satisfy the demands placed on it as well as a validation or verification of an error budget formulated earlier.

“Accuracy Experiment” lecture (contact leslie.pendrill@sp.se for password)

  • An accuracy experiment according to ISO 5725-1.
  • Accuracy of a measurement/test method
  • Laboratory performance – Proficiency Testing (PT)
  • Example – temperature measurement in a water bath
  • “Capability of detection – Part 1: Terms and specifications” ISO 11843
  • “Linear calibration using reference materials” ISO 11095

At this stage, several statistical methods can be employed:

  • The scope of an accuracy experiment can be determined with statistical derived confidence levels for the trueness and precision of the method ISO 5725-1
  • Possible outlying measurement data which might disproportionally affect the mean and standard deviation can be excluded with the support of various statisitical tests.

The accuracy of a method can then be used in diverse applications:

“Applications of Accuracy” lecture (contact leslie.pendrill@sp.se for password)

“Which PTs have most Impact?” – lecture


Processes of production &  measurement
Specification of measurement problem
Design of experiments
Specification of demands on a measurement system
Choice/development of a measurement method
Evaluation (validation) of a measurement method
Performing the measurements
Presentation of measurement results
Use of measurement results. Conformity assessment

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