Applied sensor development and measurement

Sensor development and measurement technology: great potential for growth and innovation

New and intelligent sensors are being developed which can enable measurement, monitoring and control of a wide range of processes, from traditional manufacturing industry to the IT society of tomorrow and intelligent products of all kinds.

The national technological infrastructure for sensor development and measurement technology is however insufficient. An improved communication between universities, research institutes and industry is needed. Above all, the sensor developer needs support.

Sensor developer

If one considers the whole development chain of a sensor,  from idea hatching, through prototype development, to practical implementation in the field and industrial production, it is clear that the sensor developer needs the support and active interaction with various research organisations at the different stages, all in order to meet the demands of the final user.



L R Pendrill 2000 “Research network for applied sensor development and measurement“, SP Report 2000:12 ISBN 91-7848-810-9 ISSN 0284-5172


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