0. Processes of production & measurement

0.1 Production process

“]]The Quality Loop – Deming [ISO 9004]
The Quality Loop – Deming [ISO 9004

Specification limits in production are often set in conformity assessment on actual values of a characteristic of a type of entity.

Example: Geometrical Product Specifications

Example: Embedded systems

0. 2 Measurement process

Measurement is not an end in itself …

Measurement does give objective evidence to base decisions on:

  • control of manufacturing processes
  • verifying and certifying products against specifications
  • guaranteeing safety, security and protect the environment
Measurement quality loop

Measurement quality loop

As a crucial starting point of any measurement task, it is important to recognise that attention must be paid to assuring measurement quality at all steps throughout the task (figure: Measurement quality loop):

The measurement quality assurance loop is of course a special case of the Deming quality assurance loop for any production process.

Processes of production &  measurement
Specification of measurement problem
Design of experiments
Specification of demands on a measurement system
Choice/development of a measurement method
Evaluation (validation) of a measurement method
Performing the measurements
Presentation of measurement results
Use of measurement results. Conformity assessment

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